It’s time to show your nails some love! Jean Yip offers beauty services for ladies who lead busy lifestyles and would like a quick glam-up session. You can now stop by at our Nail Bar where you will be able to experience top-notch service and perfect manicured and pedicured nails. We also have on-the-go express services if you are in a hurry. Be the envy of them all!

Nail services:
Manicure/Pedicure (Express/Classic)
Organic Spa Manicure/Pedicure
Fruity Spa Manicure/Pedicure
Nail Art
Gel Nails
Nail Extensions
5-in-1 Callus Eliminator Treatment
Fungus Control Detox Treatment
Gel removal


Say goodbye to mascaras and falsies. No more clumps, flakes, and smudges. Flaunt the “I woke up like this” look with confidence.
Enhance your eyelashes for more length and volume to get that classic look or dramatic, voluminous look!
We customise the extension to suit your eye shape and lash condition. Using 96 types of combination of lashes with different thickness, length, shape and curls, we will create that unique 3D eyelash design to enhance your beauty… Especially the window to your soul!

NATURAL Eyelash Extensions: Beautiful and natural lashes which adds sophistication to your everyday look.
GLAMOUR Eyelash Extensions: Go on and charm the crowd with your voluminous and enchanting lashes.
DRAMA Eyelash Extensions: Steal the limelight with captivating and alluring lashes, let your eyes do the magic and be the star of the day.
ULTRA-DRAMA Eyelash Extensions: Beauty knows no limits! Go overboard with your lashes, steal the stage with your dazzling eyes and be the queen of the show.
Removal: We do remove eyelash extensions done at other salons without new attachment
Re-touch: Free retouch within the first week of appointment
Under-lash: Under lash extensions for that added glamour to your eyes!
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Tired of waking up to sparse & dull eyebrows? Semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery is your answer. Using all natural colour pigments to fill up your brows, you can assure that the result is safe and natural.

NATURAL: Fine line strokes crafted in the direction of your natural hair growth to blend into your real eyebrows for a natural look.
GRADIENT: Filling up your brows with a soft and powdery makeup like finish to complement your daily make up look. Also, giving you brighter eyes on days when you do not want to put any make up on.
PERFECT: A combination of “Natural” fine line strokes and “Full” powdery like finish embroidery techniques to give your brows the best of both worlds, creating the perfect brows.