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Hair is a very personal part of your identity that allows you to express yourself through different styles and colours. It also makes you feel more confident especially when your hair tone complements the rest of your features. At Jean Yip Hairdressing, our hair colouring experts have an eye for aesthetics to understand different skin tones and the dye pigments that enhance them. Our experts study your colouring history, hair type and condition before choosing the best treatment and colouring process for you.

Asian hair responds differently to dyes and chemicals and our hair colourists have the experience to determine the development time, techniques and bleaching treatments needed for dark Asian hair. We also use our in-house hair dye and care products to maintain the shine and health of your locks.

Pick your colour and find your individuality at Jean Yip Hairdressing.


Jean Yip Hair Colouring Services

Base Colour

Base colouring applies dye to the root area or all over the hair before creating any dimension with other dyes or colouring techniques. If you prefer a simple look without any highlights in your hair, you can opt for a one-shade base colour to cover your full locks. Base colouring may be needed before adding different pigment shades to the hair.

Creative Colour

For more vivid shades of pink, blue and orange, our Jean Yip hair colourists will discuss with you the adventurous styles you can try out. Pick from streaks to duo-coloured hues to explore various colours that match your personal style.

Highlight (Full Head)

Highlighting lightens the hair with bleach in strategically placed pieces to create dimension and contrast in the darker and lighter locks. The full head highlight process will lighten every section of the head. Your highlights can be subtle or dramatic depending on how light you go. A full head highlight is versatile and looks great no matter how you style your hair as your locks are evenly highlighted throughout.


The Balayage colouring technique uses a hand-painted ‘swept’ motion to dye random pieces of locks with bleach or hair dye. The pigment usually begins in the middle and gradually becomes denser in colour at the tips of the hair. This specific style adds a natural dimension to the hair.


Hair bleaching lightens the hair by applying a chemical that strips any pigment colour from the hair strands. This process is required if you have dark hair and want to achieve a lighter brown or blonde shade. You will also need to first bleach your hair before applying a vibrant colour like red or pink.

Jean Yip BioSpa Aftercare Products

At Jean Yip Hairdressing, we use our in-house hair dye and bleach formula and aftercare BioSpa products on freshly treated hair. Our in-house dyes and bleach are formulated to keep the hair cuticles strong while adding colour or removing pigments from the strands.

We also offer aftercare hair products from our BioSpa range including shampoo, conditioner and hair masks. Our BioSpa hair care products cater to coloured, dry, curly, limp and bleached hair to achieve voluminous, shiny and healthy hair.

Jean Yip Hair Colouring Aftercare

How to keep your hair healthy after colouring

Use sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner

Sulphates can strip your hair from its natural oils, making it dry and limp. It can also fade any colour or new pigment on your hair. Opt for shampoos and conditioners that hydrate your scalp and hair to keep your new hue vibrant.

Use leave-in treatments and hair masks

Freshly coloured or bleached hair will need an extra boost of hydration to keep it healthy and prevent damage. Especially for dry and frizzy hair, leave-in masks can add moisture to the strands to maintain smooth and hydrated locks.

Use a heat protectant before styling with hot tools

After colouring, your hair will be more prone to dryness and heat tends to strip the hair from moisture. Before styling with any hot tools, spray on a heat protectant to reduce any loss of hydration and keep your hair smooth for longer.
How to make your hair colour last longer

Wash your hair with cold water

Hot water can open up your hair cuticles and release any dye and pigment that was added. Wash your hair with cold water instead to lock in your new colour.

Use a colour-locking shampoo

Avoid chlorine water

Chlorine can pull out any coloured dye from your hair so refrain from swimming too often or wear a swimming cap.
Hair products for coloured hair

After colouring your hair, your hair care products should aim to retain moisture and boost hydration in your locks. Find a shampoo and conditioner that are colour-safe and treat fragile hair. Use hair mask treatments every week to seal in the colour and nourish your locks. Apply lightweight oils to lock in moisture in your hair cuticles.

Hair Colouring in Singapore FAQ

Most hair dyes can dry out the hair. At Jean Yip, we use our in-house range of dyes and bleach that retain as much nourishment as possible. A good aftercare hair routine can also minimise your hair from getting damaged and dried out. You can also opt for our Jean Yip hair colour treatment to add moisture back into your hair after colouring it.

This depends on the health of your hair. Our Jean Yip hair experts can access the condition of your hair and advice on the best course of action. If your hair is too damaged, it is best to let it grow and continue with nourishing hair treatments before getting it re-dyed.

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