Hair Rebonding

Jean Yip Hair Rebonding Singapore

Frizzy hair getting in the way? Tired of styling stubborn curls? Achieve sleek and straight locks all the time without straightening your hair every morning.

At Jean Yip Hairdressing, our hair experts can transform coarse and frizzy hair into smooth and sleek tresses while maintaining the health of your hair. We assess your hair condition and treatment history before recommending the most suitable hair rebonding treatment plan.

We use our in-house hair rebonding products that can achieve straight locks without stripping your hair.

Smooth. Silky. Shiny. Achieve sleek tresses at Jean Yip Hairdressing.

Jean Yip Hair Rebonding Services

The traditional rebonding technique creates a very straight and sleek look for those with coarse and curly hair. The technique requires a higher heat setting and stronger chemical products, which work better on very frizzy hair.
Super Soft Rebonding
The technique is best suited for those with straight but frizzy hair that may be slightly damaged. Soft rebonding uses milder chemicals than the traditional technique. It also steams the hair at a lower temperature to help frizzy hair. Since less chemicals and heat are used, you may still see some of your natural waves after the treatment.

Jean Yip BioSpa Aftercare Products

At Jean Yip Singapore, we use our in-house hair rebonding solutions and aftercare BioSpa products on freshly treated hair. Our in-house hair rebonding products are formulated to maintain your hair health while achieving sleek and frizz-free locks.

We also offer hair straightening styling products like the BioSpa Thermal Straight Activator (only available in-store), which maintains your straight locks even in humid environments. We offer aftercare rebonding products like the BioSpa Super Silk Cuticle Treatment Serum, which is a daily serum that leaves your hair shiny and smooth.

Pre Hair Rebonding

Before your hair rebonding appointment, it’s important to prep your hair well so you can achieve healthy and sleek locks. Depending on your hair treatment history, some may not be recommended to straighten their hair.

Keep Your Hair Healthy And Nourished

Having healthy hair will give you better results and lessen the damage to your locks. In the weeks leading up to your appointment, take extra care of your hair by applying weekly hair masks and oils to keep your locks hydrated and nourished. If your hair is too damaged, our hair experts may recommend delaying your hair rebonding appointment until your hair has grown out and is in a healthier condition.

Stay Away From Any Chemical Treatments

Since hair rebonding is a chemical treatment, it is not recommended to have any other hair treatments like bleaching, dying or perming a few months before your appointment. Having back-to-back chemical treatments can damage and dry out the hair. If you’ve had your hair rebonded before, our hair experts may use a lower strength technique during your next appointment.

Post Hair Rebonding

Maintain Your Straight Locks
Avoid washing your hair with hot water
Washing your hair with hot water may lead to frizziness, damage your hair cuticles and dry out your locks. Wash your hair with cold water instead to maintain a sleek and shiny look.
Use a shampoo for rebonded hair
Steam your hair
One way to keep your rebonded hair soft and hydrated is by steaming your hair at home. Soak your hair in lukewarm water and apply a deep condition product before wrapping a towel around your head for 10-15 minutes.
Keep Your Hair Healthy After A Rebonding Treatment
Nourish with hair masks and conditioner
Chemical treatments tend to dry out the hair so nourishing your hair with weekly masks and conditioners will help to soften and revitalise the hair.
Avoid air-drying your hair
Don’t leave your hair wet for too long as it can cause internal stress to the hair cuticles and damage it in the long run. Instead, blow-dry your hair on low to medium heat after washing it.
Apply a heat protectant
Try to avoid using heating tools like hair straighteners and curlers on your hair. However, if you are blow-drying your hair, remember to apply a hair protectant first to minimise damage.

Hair Rebonding in Singapore FAQ

Your freshly rebonded hair can last up to 6-7 months.

The time to rebond your hair may vary depending on the length of the hair. In general, soft rebonding can take 2-3 hours while traditional rebonding can take 4-5 hours to complete.

It’s best to refrain from washing your hair for approximately 3 days after a rebonding treatment. If you wash your hair immediately, your hair bonds