Being Singapore’s leading hair salon company, Jean Yip provides a comprehensive range of hairdressing services by over 400 talented and professional artistic hairstylists. Aiming to attain a higher level of customer satisfaction, we provide more to strive to reach out to the public.

R6 Customised Face Treatment

Utilizing the most advanced Transdermal Administrative System (TAS), R6 Customised Face Treatment fights against skin damages by customizing unique solutions that solve your different skin problems & concerns, caused by UV radiations, emotional stress, aging process and pollution.

The first step to your skin solution is precise and accurate diagnosis; our professional skin consultants will diagnose and customise a skin treatment program to deliver visible results and a total solution to your skin problems and concern.

Steps of R6 Customised Face Treatment:
  1. Deep cleansing of impurities from within the skin
  2. Calms and soothes skin to minimize pores
  3. Enhance nutrients absorption into the skin using our exclusive products with our technology penetration
  4. Compliment the treatment with eye & neck care specific mask
R6 Trilogy Detoxification Face Therapy

The skin on your neck is said to be so thin and delicate, it is one of the first body parts to show signs of ageing. We spend a lot of time and on pampering our faces but tend to be unsure on what to do when it comes to delicate areas such as the neck and eye area.

Give this much neglected body part some loving with Jean Yip Group’s new add-on treatment, R6 Trilogy Detoxification Therapy. An add-on treatment to their award-winning R6 Customised Face Treatment, this fully customisable treatment focuses on these three areas and was meticulously researched and developed by researchers who have more than 30 years of experience in the skincare field.

Harnessing the latest ultrasound and light technology, high end treatment protocols and the lymph drainage method, the treatment helps detoxify the face, eye and neck and improve the skin’s microcirculation. Reduce puffiness and redness in the skin instantly by 30% within the first session and to reveal a more hydrated and radiant glow.

Key Benefits of R6 Trilogy Detoxification Face Therapy
  1. Helps to spar up skin metabolism
  2. Reduces water retention
  3. Improves skin hydration and skin radiance
  4. Enhances skin absorption of nutrients
  5. Removes skin impurities
  6. Lightens pigmentation
R6 Customised Face Treatment
IPL Permanent Hair Removal

IPL, Intense Pulsed Light, is a technology aimed at producing light of high intensity during a short period of time. It’s a method of hair removal for the body and involves the use of a specially constructed flash lamp and focusing optics. Cheaper and faster than laser hair removal, the IPL hair removal procedure has become very popular. Although the precise effectiveness of IPL compared to laser epilation is debated by scientists, equipment manufacturers and practitioners, their results are generally acceptable to be roughly equivalent.

The Benefits of IPL Hair Removal System
Cost Effective
Visible Results
Painless, No Discomfort
Permanent Solution
Whitening & Skin Smoothing Effect