Being Singapore’s leading hair salon company, Jean Yip provides a comprehensive range of hair dressing services with over 400 talented and professional artistic hairstylists. Aiming to attain a higher level of customer satisfaction, we provide much more to strive to reach out to the public.

Super Gloss
Our way to glossy, fizz-free and fuss-free hair – introducing our very own Super Gloss treatment that aims to restore and fill in the “gaps” in dry, damaged hair strands with collagen, protein and keratin, whether it is coloured, chemically treated or au naturel. The result is tamed tresses that is naturally straight, gleaming, more manageable and much less brittle for up to three months, in one sitting with no conditioner and no unpleasant chemical scents. Our Super Gloss series which consists of Color Keratin and Treatments come in various pastel color options and carry supreme color enhancement benefits, and can also be used as a colour corrector for brassy, yellow hair.

Made for Asian Hair. By professionals for professionals.

MAXIPHLEX is a revolutionary hair repair system, specially developed for Asian hair that has been damaged by chemical and heat treatment. It repairs, strengthens and protects hair before, during and after the chemical treatment process, reducing damage and breakage. MAXIPHLEX can be used to enhance chemical services or as a stand-alone treatment. Easy to use and complementary to salon services and products, it is the hairstylists’ perfect solution / quick fix to achieve beautiful results.

Traditionally, chemical services and hair treatments are often two different services. Chemical and heat processes make hair more fragile and susceptible to damage. Hence, clients will do a separate treatment to repair their hair. MAXIPHLEX, however, is a hair repair system that repairs your hair in real time; it repairs your hair during the chemical service while damage is ongoing. It protects and strengthens your hair before further damage can be done. Hence, reducing damage and breakage associated with chemical services.

MAXIPHLEX improves the strength and quality of the hair both inside and out. It protects the hair cuticle while being able to penetrate into the hair shaft to provide deep repair and moisture. MAXIPHLEX works like a band-aid that wraps around the damaged areas of the hair, both on the cuticle and deep within the cortex layer.

Containing ingredients that are time-tested, MAXIPHLEX is formulated to deliver results after a single as well as after cumulative applications.

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Featured Services:

Super Shine Hair Treatment Services

Super Shine Hair Treatments embodies the technology of nano keratin. Keratin is a type of fibrous structural protein which is the key structural component of hair and nails. Often, when we introduce various types of heat treatment to hair, amounts of keratin is lost. As such the research team at Jean Yip has introduced Nano Keratin technology to both perming and rebonding. By manipulating keratin to a nano size, hair will then be able to better absorb the protein – resulting to stronger, shinier and livelier hair. At Jean Yip Hairdressing, there are 3 variants of this Super Shine Hair Treatment for you to enjoy:

  • Super Shine Retexturizing Straight
  • Super Shine Retexturizing Straight (Bob)
  • Super Shine Thermal Curl

Super Silk Hair Treatment Services

Unlike Super Shine Hair Treatments, Super Silk Hair Treatments aim to give your hair that smooth, silky polished look and feel. Super Silk Rebonding with nano keratin is for hair that is thick, resistant, puffy, exceptionally frizzy and curly and for those that prefer the flat, smooth, straight and silky hair outlook with an extremely silky feel.

Nano Jet Hair Treatment

The Nano Jet Hair Treatment is a revolutionary breakthrough to treat the scalp and restore chemically-damaged hair. Emitting nano water particles of only 0.26nm(nanometer), it penetrates the hair shaft to deep condition and moisturize damaged cells in the hair. As a result, hair is more voluminous, smoother and has a healthy shine. Using only natural ingredients, the treatment soothes and repairs hair and scalp without the damage of artificial chemicals.

Ombre Duo Color

Bright up with colors for a new you! Jean Yip Ombre Duo Color revives your dull and dreary locks with absolute 3D illuminating look.

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